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  • Which Smartphone Is Best To Bring On Camino De Santiago?

    Welcome to the first blog post from Dayman. Recently I got home from the best trip of my life, where I hiked +800 kilometers on the famous Camino Frances Trail.


    I have reflected a lot about my life while I was on the trail, but also when I got home. My biggest dream is that I later in my life can connect my professional work life together with the Camino, and maybe work while I am on the trail. 


    First of all - If you are planning to walk the Camino de Santiago, my recommendation is to do it without your phone. The thing is, I did that, but now I want to go back, and I think it could be cool to work when I am done with walking. 


    The best electronics to bring

    I was also a little sad, that I didn’t bring a good camera with me on my trip, and if I had a nice smartphone, I could have used that. You can almost do everything on a smartphone nowadays, and my purpose in writing this post besides to stay motivated and spread some knowledge, is to figure out which laptop, tablet or smartphone I should bring, if I decide to go back and work on the best hiking trail in the world.


    Maybe I can YouTube or Twitch while am walking the trail and make reviews about the best smartphones, or test the antenna quality on smartphones

    Camino De Santiago in 2020

    If you are lucky like me, you are going to meet friends for life, if you are walking the Camino De Santiago. That is also a hidden agenda of why I am writing this blog, so I can’t practice my blog-skills for next time I go, but I also want to send the links to my fellow camino-buddies, to lore them with me again.


    I hope that the whole wolfpack are ready to walk again in 2020. I don’t know how fast I will be ready. Last time we walked in the fall, and that was amazing. I hope to try to walk the trail in the spring, because the summer is way too hot.


    I tried walking the Camino De Portugues in summertime, and that was not the same experience. Still lovely, both the trail and the people, but it is way too hot. Especially if i am going to work in the afternoons. 

    Stay tuned for more updates by Dayman

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